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You have come to the right place for all your translation and/or online presence projects.

AIBA was created in April 2014 by Aitziber Solano and Bart Roosen, from the desire to combine our passions: languages, programming, and webdesign.

Our mother tongue is the language in which we express ourselves best, the easiest to read and the one we feel more comfortable with. That is why good translations are a necessity for those who want to stand out in this globalising world. Giving others the comfort of being informed in their own mother tongue is one of the goals of AIBA.

As well as a good translation, an appropriate communication means is very important in this globalising world. The Internet has made our world a big meeting point. This means new challenges. Being noticed in the crowd is one of them. A way to achieve this is having a good website that will put you, your company, or organisation in the hot spot. Developing such a website is another of AIBA's goals.


Aitziber AIBA Translations is run by founder Aitziber. Her mother tongues are Spanish and Basque and languages have always been one of her passions. Following this passion she studied translation at the University of Granada (Spain), where she specialized in in legal and economical translation, as well as scientific and technical translation. Aitziber is also a sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Court of Leuven (Belgium).

In addition to translation, Aitziber studied Social Work. To be able to fully develop her language skills in this field, she studied Community Interpreting in Brussels.

Aitziber has more than 15 years’ experience as a translator, great part of that within one of the leading companies in the world of localisation. She has worked in Spain, Ireland and Belgium where her tasks were mainly translation, review, creation and administration of terminology databases and coordination of translation projects.

Thanks to her studies and stays in the different countries she mastered English, Dutch and French.


Bart Roosen For all your needs involving your website you can contact Bart Roosen who takes care of AIBA Webdesign. Bart studied SharePoint and PHP Development. Years ago he realised that building websites matches two of his talents. On one hand he can let his creativity fly when designing a website. On the other hand, his sense of logic helps him program the codes behind the site. Building websites grew from a hobby to a real passion.

The creation of AIBA was for Bart an opportunity to fully experience his passion by offering his services to companies, organisations and individuals.

In a changing world where technologies are in constant evolution, Bart is constantly learning new things to stay up to date with the latest techniques and technologies.


AIBA Translations

offers her clients only the best. The way to do this is to listen carefully to the client´s needs and wishes to produce a translation that will meet the expectations. Accurate work is the means to achieving a faithful transfer of the source document so that the translation conveys the same information and yet in a way that makes the text sound as if it had originally been in written in the translated language. A thorough proofreading finalises the process, making sure there are no mistakes, and ensuring consistency and ease of reading in the target language with optimal linguistic quality.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality and commit to meet the agreed delivery deadlines.

We offer a solution to your language needs. You can contact us for the translation or review of:
  • Technical manuals
  • Human interest
  • ICT
  • Websites
  • Legal translations
  • Official documents
Our language combinations are from Dutch, English, and French into Spanish and Basque.

For sworn translations, from English and Dutch into Spanish and from Spanish into English and Dutch.
AIBA Webdesign

offers internet solutions for companies, organisations, and individuals.

You have your own business and are too busy to start designing and maintaining a website to make your activities known on the internet. Other than your Facebook page and the Twitter channel you would like your own personal website where you can show what you stand for.

You do not like complicated designs; a more straightforward approach goes better with your style. Or you would like it a bit more detailed. You want to be able to change the contents of your website to match the needs of the moment, or you prefer to have someone who keeps your website up to date. You know what you want and you are looking for someone who will take the time to translate your thoughts into an online solution that perfectly matches what you want. Or you are looking for someone who will also think with you and will help you make your wishes true by offering different design options.

You do not know where to start and even after informing yourself you are none the wiser.... AIBA Webdesign offers you a solution from A to Z so that you do not need to worry about all the technical details like domain registration, hosting the site, ...

AIBA Webdesign has a tailor made solution for everyone.


AIBA Translations
The rates for translation or review projects depend on the kind of project and the language combination:
  • Translation rates are based on the amount of words (in the original language).
  • Review work can be calculated per word or hour, depending on the type of project.
  • Sworn translations require a different kind of work and mean an extra liability. This translates into specific rates, which are higher than those of other types of translation.
Do you need a translation or review? Contact us! We will evaluate your project and provide you with a quote. Without any obligation.
AIBA Webdesign
Every website is different and responds to different needs. That is why we make a thorough analysis of each and every project. Based on this analysis we will provide you with a quote. The agreed price is for a finalised and fully functional website.
For maintenance of existing websites, we have a fixed rate per hour. Maintenance includes:
  • Changes and/or additions to content (text and images)
  • Administrative formalities (domain registration, hosting)
  • Structural changes (changes to the configuration of the website, layout changes, ...)


AIBA Translations and Web Design

Kauterstraat 55, 3300 Kumtich (Belgium)

+32 (0)16 23 80 53


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